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In general, large pharmas, like other big companies, are likely to remain generally resistant to profound innovation, though they will embrace and really go after specific opportunities they view as adequately validated or promising

The implementation framework used by Micahels to frame pictures easily also offers tech entrepreneurs a framework for building their products.

A key pragmatic challenge, faced by many innovators developing new technologies, is how to fit these novel approaches into existing workflows. Medicine is no exception.

The remedy is simple: The CDC and the United States Department of Health and Human Services should simply affirm that there is no justification whatsoever for mandated taper or withdrawal of opioids for patients with long-term pain using medication as directed and who are experiencing functional benefit as assessed by their prescriber.

Surprise medical bills are mainly symptoms of the market’s larger dysfunction. Reform should require the medical industry to clean up their mess with better pricing and billing practices.

America has amassed more debt than any nation in history.  Experts discuss how long this can go on before all Americans, particularly those receiving entitlement benefits, can expect them to be stable in the face of the growing pressure on the federal budget.

While concern over youth use is indeed warranted, the agency’s overall strategy threatens access to e-cigarettes for adult smokers.

With gene therapies, cell based regenerative medicine, more targeted therapies; and the introduction of better tools for delivering therapies from digital health apps to artificial intelligence to next generation sequencing – we’re living in an age of momentous progress and rapid cycles of innovation. We have more ability to use technology to achieve sizable and secular advances in medicine than ever before.

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To address big public health crises, you need to be willing to act aggressively, especially in the face of an expanding public health threat, and sometimes act on the basis of imperfect information.

A lot of addiction is now shifting to illicit drugs. Experts discuss the need to be mindful that these addiction crises are evolving.

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