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Patient hands over credit card at the doctor's office for medical billing

Surprise medical billing—cases in which patients are unexpectedly billed at highly inflated prices from providers who do not accept their insurance—has attracted policymakers’ attention. In this report, we outline the economic rationale for why markets have not eliminated this behavior and present policy solutions.

Pharma desperately needs innovation; the question Bahcall’s book begs is whether senior pharma executives can structure their organizations in a fashion can liberate the creativity, and tolerate the uncertainty, innovation requires.

Innovative proposals can be both imperfect and discomfiting — and are often rejected before they can develop enough to prove themselves viable.

Making oxycodone and other prescription opioids harder to get hold of, and more expensive, is likely driving more people to fentanyl and its other even more dangerous analogs.

It’s too early to be sure that the recent falls in overdose deaths in the Philadelphia area will be sustained or what exactly exactly is causing this decline, but I’m pretty sure that dealer self-interest is the main driver.

willful ignorance on drug prices

A recent proposal from the administration to to roll back rebates in the pricing of prescription drugs for Medicare and Medicaid may end up increasing rather than decreasing total Medicare spending.

The most significant task facing the next leader of the Food and Drug Administration is finding a way to bring clinical research and clinical practice together in a way that prioritizes patients.

If the CDC wishes to uphold its own goals and protect patients it must follow through with its commitment to evaluate the impact of the 2016 opioid guidelines by consulting with patients and caregivers.

The single-payer Medicare for All legislation introduced last week would be phased in over two years and eliminate almost all private insurance. The legislation has slightly more than 100 cosponsors. Is this where Americans want to go?

Health care is an issue this country has struggled for years to fix. Experts discuss options to provide solutions to make the issue of healthcare a more bipartisan one.

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