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Though Trump’s economic policies have been attacked for favoring the rich and corporations, they’re hardly the only ones doing better over the past two years.

At the heart of much of anti-Big Tech activism is a desire to kill the ad-driven business model that allows for all those free services consumers love.

On this episode, George Magnus discusses four “red flags” that may complicate China’s plans for growth­.

“In the ’90s it’s a bunch of entrepreneurs throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks, and a lot of it didn’t stick.”

On this episode, Neil Chilson discusses the economics of privacy, the complexities of content moderation, and whether Big Tech has become anticompetitive.



In his lengthy CPAC speech over the weekend, President Trump made reference to the Great Tariff Debate of 1888, identifying with the GOP position that argued tariffs were needed to protect American industry. But let’s be clear: Tariffs did not make America great, and did not make it the world’s preeminent industrial power.

Interested in regulating or breaking up America’s most innovative companies? It’s back to the 1930s again. 

Tech podcast host and author Brian McCullough presents the evolution of the internet, the nature of innovation in a Big Tech environment, and why so many people have adopted a negative view of technology.

trump hugs an american flag at cpac

Trump isn’t the defender that capitalism needs. Nor is he the one that any remaining free-marketeers in the GOP should want.

Are we now in a period of higher sustained growth? And is faster growth the result of stimulus or a supply-side boost?

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