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Patient hands over credit card at the doctor's office for medical billing

Surprise medical billing—cases in which patients are unexpectedly billed at highly inflated prices from providers who do not accept their insurance—has attracted policymakers’ attention. In this report, we outline the economic rationale for why markets have not eliminated this behavior and present policy solutions.

Current development and funding plans fail to prepare the United States Air Force to contribute to adversarial challenges short of combat.

In his testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee, Resident Scholar Andrew Biggs emphasizes the need for a bipartisan Social Security solvency plan coupled with targeted benefit increases for vulnerable retirees.

We investigate how minimum wage increases and the strength of enforcement regimes affect the prevalence of subminimum wage payments. We find strong evidence that higher minimum wages lead to a greater prevalence of subminimum wage payments. We consistently estimate that increases in measured underpayment following minimum wage increases average between 10 and 25 percent of realized wage gains.

The United States and China  are in an era of competition, and the way that competition is conducted will have a decisive impact on the future security and prosperity of both countries, and indeed of the world, in the 21st Century.

If Washington is unwilling to stand up to China as the most powerful nation in the world, it cannot expect anyone else to do so.

It is crucial that overlap across federal and state universal service programs be diminished and that coordination be improved.

The authors find that “Ban the Box” laws increase employment of residents in high-crime neighborhoods by as much as 4%. They also find that these laws encourage employers to raise experience requirements, leading to the perhaps unintended consequence that women, who are less likely to be convicted of crimes, see their employment opportunities reduced.

Today I will identify the 10 key problems with the General Data Protection Regulation, which, if not addressed, will plague the California Consumer Privacy Act.

How can we build a new social movement based in love? Arthur Brooks charts the course forward in his new book, “Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt.”

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