Viard analyzes the consequences of a wealth tax and argues that, on balance, it would be more prudent to pursue any desired increase in tax progressivity through reforms of the income and estate and gift taxes.

College graduation, @SnappyPete via Twenty20

It is rare for a country to design a higher education system that combines high attainment and well-resourced schools with high government subsidies.

In “Age of Iron,” leading authority on Republican foreign policy Colin Dueck demonstrates that conservative nationalism is the oldest democratic tradition in US foreign relations.

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The authors find that the shift reflects a combination of increased bank demand for jumbo loans and higher government-sponsored enterprise g-fees.

The dome of the US Capitol Building is seen as the sun sets on Capitol Hill in Washington, US REUTERS/Erin Scott

To restore republican government, policymakers and political theorists should focus on how to make Congress better able to exercise the powers that Article I of the Constitution grants it.

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This paper analyzes whether taxes create a price wedge between legal and illicit cigarettes and thereby affect the availability and trade of illicit whites across markets.

Drawing on extensive interviews with nearly 30 senior officials, including President George W. Bush, “The Last Card” offers an unprecedented look into the real story of how George W. Bush came to double down on Iraq in the highest-stakes gamble of his entire presidency.

US President Donald Trump shakes hands with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (L) as they take part in a session on reforming the United Nations at UN Headquarters in New York, US REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

It can be argued that America’s conservatives, like America’s liberals, have prospered politically when they have embraced a robust nationalism.

The honorable Brett Kavanaugh defends himself against the false accusations of sexual assault during a senate hearing on his confirmation to the Supreme Court

In this issue of AEI’s Political Report, we examine Donald Trump’s standing with voters and compare it to Barack Obama’s at the same point in the cycle. We also review public attitudes about confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the Supreme Court.

College graduation, @SnappyPete via Twenty20
This paper proposes a plan to simplify the federal student loan system by providing all eligible students with a single $50,000 line of credit, with repayments structured as an income-share agreement.

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