Edward Blum is a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. He is also the director of the Project on Fair Representation. He studies civil rights policy issues such as voting rights, affirmative action, and multiculturalism. Prior to joining AEI, he facilitated the legal challenge to dozens of racially gerrymandered voting districts and race-based school admissions and public contracting programs throughout the nation. He is the author of “The Unintended Consequences of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act” (AEI Press, 2007). The book describes how in recent years the Voting Rights Act has caused minority voters to become pawns in partisan redistricting battles, diminished competitive elections, driven the creation of bug-splat-like voting districts, and contributed to the ideological polarization of voting districts.


* Senior Fellow, Center for Equal Opportunity, 2002-2006
* Director of Legal Affairs, American Civil Rights Institute, 2000-2002
* Partner, JC Bradford, 1998-2000
* President, Campaign for a Color-Blind America, Legal Defense and Educational Foundation, 1993-2000


B.A., University of Texas at Austin