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Judging by how sanguine markets currently seem to be about the unusual constellation of major risks facing the world economy, we could very well be on the cusp of another episode on which we will look back and ask ourselves what were the markets thinking.

The prospect of a hard Brexit, or of a general election that could see the Labor Party’s far-left leader Jeremy Corbyn elected as prime minister, will hardly inspire foreign investor confidence. Nor will the prospect of renewed global financial market turbulence that could put pressure on the City of London.

Brexit is the most reliable way of ensuring that the UK does not take advantage of opportunities that the global economy has to offer and that the country instead spends another decade engaged in unproductive navel-gazing while the rest of the world moves on.

Continuing on the path to Brexit is guaranteed to only deepen it and to damage the UK, Europe, as well as the transatlantic partnership.

What are the economic and political implications of Brexit for the US, Europe, and the UK?

China’s troubles, Brexit uncertainty, and the European economic slowdown pose possible risks to the global economy, but policy-makers should also pay close attention to submerging markets.

How will Brexit affect the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland? What will be the impact on Ireland’s economy? And excluding Guinness, what are the Ambassador’s favorite types of beer? On this episode of Banter, we discuss these questions and much more.

AEI’s Jonah Goldberg sits down with European Parliament Member Daniel Hannan to break down the state of Brexit, how it got there, and where it could be headed.

Please join AEI as experts discuss the economic and political implications of Brexit for the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States.

When Theresa May took over as Prime Minister, she announced that “Brexit means Brexit.” However now the fate of her deal to leave the EU is uncertain. With negotiations still ongoing, we interviewed AEI fellow Dalibor Rohac to break down what’s happening and what it all means.

The ongoing Brexit shambles cannot be blamed on the European Union nor on the “deep state.” They are entirely predictable results of the fact that the 2016 campaign to leave the EU presented voters with a fantasy of a Brexit in which the UK enjoys all of the benefits of independence without any of the costs.

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