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Between the decision of employers to utilize the credit, the time to design and implement a program, and it being widely used by employees, the two-year window provided by the pilot tax credit for paid family and medical leave is clearly not long enough. Therefore, an extension of the pilot program is worth considering.

The observation at the core of the Laffer Curve often gets distorted as supporting the idea that tax cuts pay for themselves.

Whether we are seeing a productivity break out or fake out, policymakers should think harder about pro-productivity policies in areas such as immigration, public investment, education, infrastructure, as well as taxes and regulation.

President Donald Trump holds a news conference

“Miracle” seems a bit much — maybe much too much — though certainly there’s been a strengthening. But is what we’ve seen the start of a sustained and higher growth path or more of a one-shot improvement that’s now ready to fade?

The fourth quarter economic reports recently came out showing less growth than expected. Experts discuss the lack of growth and the tax cuts that might have contributed to the reports.

This paper provides a distributional analysis of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that became law in December 2017, with implications for American households from changes in the individual tax provisions as well as in the corporate tax provisions.

President Donald Trump holds a news conference

Is the 2017 tax reform paying for itself? A great way to answer this question is by comparing expected growth in gross domestic product with growth in publicly held federal debt, before and after the tax cut.

Our tax system has many defects, including investment penalties and impediments to economic growth. However, those defects should not be corrected by executive fiat.

As commentators and observers, we need to have premises, hypotheses, and rules of thumb. We also need to reconsider these premises, hypotheses, and rules of thumb on a regular basis.

Something is going very wrong with the Trump administration’s effort to reduce the US trade deficit, which has been a principal objective of its “America First” program.

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