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One has to hope that global economic policymakers do not share the market’s sanguine view of the UK’s immediate economic and political prospects and that they are making contingency plans for a hard Brexit on October 31.

President Donald Trump spent several days meeting with the British royal family on an official state visit. Experts discuss the visit in comparison with Barack Obama’s visit during the previous administration.

Global economy, @apichart_p via Twenty20
As if the risks of a hard-Brexit and of an Italian sovereign debt crisis were not enough, the global economy now has to grapple with the risk of a protracted US-China trade war. It would be irresponsible for US economic policymakers to premise their economic policy decisions on the fortuitous and unlikely outcome that none of these risks will materialize.

Britain might not be the power it once was, but alongside Australia, it is our most dependable ally when it comes to putting lives on the line.

A man walks past the European Commission Headquarters, in Brussels, Belgium May 28, 2019.

If the EU no longer faces the risk of collapse, it could still become ungovernable.

What is the relation between a home and a homeland? Join AEI for a discussion of the new book “My Father Left Me Ireland: An American Son’s Search for Home” (Sentinel, 2019) with author Michael Brendan Dougherty.

Brexit is the most reliable way of ensuring that the UK does not take advantage of opportunities that the global economy has to offer and that the country instead spends another decade engaged in unproductive navel-gazing while the rest of the world moves on.

With the UK set to allow Huawei to supply some “non-core” 5G telecoms infrastructure, China achieves two victories: it continues to build out digital infrastructure in Europe, and one of the “Five Eyes” is going blind.

Vaping take-up among the young is to be expected and could be even greater if the US took the same approach as the UK.

Continuing on the path to Brexit is guaranteed to only deepen it and to damage the UK, Europe, as well as the transatlantic partnership.

A recent survey found that a higher percentage of sampled smokers had tried vaping in the UK, relative to the US, especially among those who claimed they had tried to quit smoking previously.

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